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Spotify Publishing Analytics in Beta


Today we added ManChuk Media’s name to Spotify Publishing Analytics’ waiting list.

They are still in Beta roll out so we are not sure of timing when it comes to being able to utilize the services.

We will definitely keep you posted though.

Join The Discussion

We’re currently building our discord channel to help guide aspiring and indie musicians through the wacky maze of music publishing and licensing.

The channel is just getting started so we’re asking for those interested (artists & professionals) to sign up and help begin the discussion at

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ManChuk Media creates new business focus

We’ve been around for over 20 years in providing multimedia services spanning from music production, recording and internet radio/TV streaming to graphic design, newspaper, magazine and promotional printing.

The media landscape has evolved drastically over the years and we’ve done our best to keep up as new technologies come and go. With our new focus, we’ve decided to streamline our service catalog to our customers’ most popular options.

We will provide additional information as we get closer to our new business launch date.